The Gadarene – Song of the Risen, Book 1

The Gadarene
91 Pages
ISBN 978-1521079027

A legion of ancient evil trapped one man, exiling him to tombs of darkness and shame. His days and nights were consumed by a never ending torture, one that he tried in vain to silence through self-mutilation. The outcast known for centuries as The Maniac was forsaken by an entire nation, including the ones he loved the most.

He lived in hopeless despair, sorrow that nearly pulled him into the edges of eternity until the day that The Nazarene arrived on the shores of the Sea of Galilee, bringing redemption with him. The chains were broken. His sanity was restored. His scars of guilt and shame were covered, and he at last found rest in the salvation offered only through the man called Christ. But what happened when Jesus and his disciples left? What became of the man that was told simply: "Go home to thy friends, and tell them how great things the Lord hath done for thee, and hath had compassion on thee?"

What difficulties did this once possessed man face as he made the lonely walk back into the village, absent from the presence of his Savior? How many shunned him? Was he mocked? Chased away by the very people that once called him brother, son, friend? This speculative look into the journey taken by a man set free from the bondage of sin walks the line between fear and faith, exploring the depths of man's depravity and God's forgiveness. Who, or what, will conquer in the end?

Chad Pettit

About Chad Pettit (Austin, Texas Author)

Chad Pettit

Chad is a Christian fiction author, poet, and teacher. He is the author of The Song of the Risen Series and the upcoming release, Fate of the Watchman. His goal is to bring hope to a hopeless world through the power of words and empower Christians to live out their faith the way God intended: fearlessly and with compassion.

His books help people to grow closer to Christ through very human characters that live in worlds where life and faith collide.

Chad was born and raised in Oregon, except for an awesome couple of years in Idaho that included running completely wild on the edge of a Nez Perce reservation. Growing up with clear views of the far-off mountains helped develop his imagination, and the solitude of a youth devoid of electronics gave him the chance to read and cultivate a passion for fiction.

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