The Gift of Bread – Recipes for the Heart and the Table

The Gift of Bread
273 Pages
ISBN 978-1683970255

Bread beckons us to sit and savor the flavor while enjoying time with friends and family. The Gift of Bread offers recipes, heart-warming stories around bread, and biblical insights into bread in the Bible. It's a devotion. It's a recipe book. It's a book with stories. Yes, it’s all three. This combination makes a great read. Sit back and relax as you read stories that bring to mind times you shared bread with loved ones. The descriptions of fresh baked yeast bread, quick fruit breads, and tasty muffins will have you smelling the aroma of fresh baked bread.

From Adam's need to grow grain to make bread through Jesus offering us communion, bread is throughout the Bible. Discover the threefold purpose of bread in the Bible: sustenance to nourish the body, relationship in breaking bread together, and covenant relationship with God. Scripture passages shared include God providing manna, the bread of presence on the altar, Jesus feeding 5000, and the Lord's supper.

Along with recipes hat have easy to follow steps the book offers tips on bread making, baking terms, and serving bread. And for those who don’t bake often, you’ll find easy to make recipes using refrigerated dough.

The book offers comfort for body and soul.

Karen Whiting

About Karen Whiting (Orlando, Florida Author)

Karen Whiting

Karen Whiting ( is an international speaker, former television host, and author of twenty-five books for women, children, and families. She has written more than seven hundred articles more than sixty publications and loves to let creativity splash over the pages of what she writes. She writes a column for Leading Hearts Magazine, craft activities for The Kid’s Ark, and devotions for a radio network. Karen is also an author consultant on marketing and books. She teaches at writing conferences around the country on writing for children, devotional book writing, article writing, writing nonfiction proposals, and marketing. Her awards include the Christian Retailing Best Award, children’s nonfiction (The One Year My Princess Devotions) and the Military Writer’s Society of America Gold Medal (Stories of Faith and Courage from the Home Front). A company in China flies Karen to Beijing to speak where she presents programs to inspire creativity in students and share ideas with parents, teachers, and camp staff.