The Girl Across the River

The Girl Across the River
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When Samuel was ten years old he rowed a boat across the river and fell in love with someone special.

Emily Gable. Truly a princess in every way.

Beautiful. Wealthy. Out of his league.

But at ten years old, you don’t know those kinds of things.

Neither of them did.

Despite their differences, Samuel and Emily grew a love stronger than anyone else could understand. He knew she was different. Yet she was the perfect girl for him.

It was at a school dance where Emily was torn away from him.

Without his true love at his side, Samuel had to focus on himself, college, work, and life. All without the joy he’d once had with Emily. But plodding along, nonetheless.

He left small town Wisconsin to pursue a photography degree in Savannah, leaving his old life and trying to scrape up something new and meaningful.

But still, Emily would always have his heart.

After college, Samuel returned to Wisconsin.

What would happen when Emily was once again there? In his life? In his heart?

Would her parents allow her to pursue a relationship with Samuel despite her challenges? Would they see beyond the label of Down Syndrome to discover the woman that Samuel knew? To see the woman under the labels, the misconceptions, and the worry?

The Girl Across the River is a novel that tells a tale of a love beyond what most people consider ‘normal’, a love deeper than mere attraction and mutual understanding, a love of cherishing and understanding despite the challenges, despite those telling you not to love.

Rachael Sircar

About Rachael Sircar (The Bronx, New York Author)

Rachael Sircar

Rachael Sircar creates adventures you'll stay up until two in the morning reading.

The author of several romantic suspense novels, including 'Given New Worlds' and '100 Meals to a Kiss', she has also authored the 'Data Driven' and 'Hue Sisters' series.

As a hobbyist author, Rachael enjoys playing with words, developing complicated characters, and constructing plot twists that keep you turning pages. Without the pressure of manuscript deadlines and trope requirements, she is able to write with a smile on her face in the hopes that you will smile (or cry, or yell out in anger) as you read.

Born and raised in Wisconsin, Rachael now teaches second grade and writes in Florida. When not loving on her adorable 2nd graders, you can usually find her on the back patio overlooking the beautiful flora and fauna of the family waterfront.

She is married to a wonderful man who puts up with her ignoring him for two days straight while on a writing binge. They have two adult children who actually appreciate when Mom is mentally checked out in author mode and they get to order pizza for dinner. Oh, and there's that one spoiled rotten dog who refuses to be ignored.