The Guardian – Shadowstone Legend

The Guardian
356 Pages
ISBN 978-1508427315

Magic. Mystery. Sizzling Encounters. The past and present meet, a lover's secret is revealed and doors to forbidden places open as the Shadowstone's power awakens. Rebecca had no clue she was being pursued by otherworldly beings, until a man claiming to be her guardian whisks her away from imminent peril. What starts as a search for her missing mother swiftly turns into a dangerous quest with an invisible foe, testing everything she believes as truth.

Cailen is thrust into the mystical role of Guardian by an ancient pledge. Sworn to protect the bearer of the enigmatic Shadowstone. The magic and power of the sacred Fae object must be unraveled before the Fae can reclaim the stone as well as the one who bears it.

As the Shadowstone's secrets are revealed, and passion ignites between them, Cailen and Rebecca must confront an ancient prophecy that threatens their future.* *Adult content.

Angela Aaron

About Angela Aaron (Grand Rapids, Michigan Author)

Angela Aaron

Angela Aaron is a writer of Romance with a fantasy twist. Her stories have stormy courtships, intriguing secrets, magic, mystery, lots of downright HOT moments between her characters and of course, happy-ever-after-endings. Angela loves to write big, strong alpha heroes in a story that can suck you in and make you believe every word is true.

Angie's ebooks, audio books and soft cover books include Pleasure Island, The Fire of Beltane, A Mediterranean Affair and The Guardian ~ Shadowstone Legend

Angie loves to connect with her readers at book signings and on FB

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