The Half-Life of Everything – a novel

The Half-Life of Everything
310 Pages
ISBN 978-1-610088-233-0

David and Kate are happily married fifty-somethings when she's diagnosed with early Alzheimer's. He has never been unfaithful, but after several years of losing Kate more each day, he wonders: What is a married widower supposed to do? Two strong-willed women intervene, and everyone finds themselves making unexpected choices.

THE HALF-LIFE OF EVERYTHING, realistic in every detail except for one speculative twist, places David in the unwelcome situation of loving two women. Must he be the good and faithful husband he's always been, or is he deserving of a second chance?

The novel is a modern study of marriage and love––and of friendship, the overlooked foundation of both romantic and everyday life.

Deborah Carol Gang

About Deborah Carol Gang (Kalamazoo, Michigan Author)

Deborah Carol Gang

Originally from Washington, D.C., Deborah Moved to the Midwest for both college (Macalester in St. Paul) and graduate school (Western Michigan University). She remained in Kalamazoo for her work as a psychotherapist and because of her love of Lake Michigan. She now writes full-time and has published poetry and short fiction. The Half-Life of Everything is her first novel. Visit her site at: