The Heart of a Lie

The Heart of a Lie
312 Pages
Black Rose Press
ISBN 978-1466281660

A poor Maine farm girl meets her surprising destiny

With her father dead from a Civil War battle and her mother succumbing to tuberculosis, Esther Perry struggles to keep her meager existence going. When an unexpected visitor lands on her doorstep with an incredible offer, Esther is forced to let her farm go and face an uncertain future in a distant city. She finds friendship from an unexpected source, a handsome bachelor catches her eye, and she copes with the loss of her beloved farm.

But an even greater challenge awaits - and Esther will have to summon every last ounce of her inner strength to confront the scandalous secret her family has been hiding for years ...

Meg North

About Meg North (Portland, Maine Author)

Meg North

Love a spooky tale? How about a dark fantasy? Or an old-school Gothic romance?

Meg writes darker novels set in the Victorian era. She draws inspiration from the vast amount of history here in Portland, as well as classic works to create her novels. She's especially inspired by her time giving tours at the Longfellow House!

Meg's published books include "Daniel's Garden," "The Heart of a Lie," "The Curtain Falls," and "Fogbound Manor." She's currently working on a Frankenstein-inspired tale called "The Transformation of Charlotte Poole."