The Homecoming – White Oak Book 1

The Homecoming
212 Pages
ISBN 978-1794182103

Fate takes inexplicable turns on the route to happiness.

Autumn McMillan’s pretty sure she’s failing at life. Sneaking out of town in the middle of the night and moving back in with her parents doesn’t exactly scream that she has it all together. Maybe at their small-town home, she can lay low and figure out what she wants to do with her life.

When Daniel Madera shows up at her graduation party, he’s no longer the skinny kid she remembers, but a well-built, badass military man. The chemistry between the old friends ignites long-buried feelings. But, with Dan’s deployment imminent this can’t be anything but a summer fling…

She might have earned that diploma, but with no job, no prospects, and no idea what she’s doing, things are a mess. To get through this, Autumn will need to discover the inner strength that she didn’t know she had. And in the process, find everything she never knew she needed... now if she could get the one thing she wants.

Terri Jones

About Terri Jones (Nashville, Tennessee Author)

Terri Jones

Terri Jones is an author from Nashville, TN. She loves character-driven stories and the psychology of what makes people tick. She's a Southern girl and drawn to stories set in the South and the people that inhabit the area. Although, any resemblance is entirely coincidental. Terri is working on her next novel. When not writing, she enjoys hiking and exploring with her husband and two boys.

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