The Human Operators – Becoming HYPER-AWARE of Your Life

The Human Operators
160 Pages
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Becoming HYER-AWARE of Your Life

The Human Operators -

This book removes all the blame you may have placed on parents, friends, perpetrators, natural disasters or whatever or whoever. Being alive means you control the ultimate machine in the universe. Every human has a brain and every human has no clue to the power it can wield. We are all just like Dorothy of OZ. We've controlled the power since we became aware we were alive, but few of us take that power. We are too busy blaming everyone and everything for whatever doesn't work to our perceived perfection. Being alive is perfection no matter the circumstances.

The are many concepts on the book, but it you can only grasp the one that compels you to take responsible for every thing in your life no matter what - then you can move through life without being controlled by whoever or whatever you used to blame.

If you are alive - there is no failure.

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By Ken Tapson and Dr. Terri Faith

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