The Introvert's Guide to Job Hunting – How To Outshine The Competition

The Introvert's Guide to Job Hunting
202 Pages
Plotline Leadership
ISBN 978-0986064685

Most career books take one of two approaches: They provide theoretical frameworks that are difficult to apply or they offer cookie-cutter answers to a series of stock interview questions that, in reality, rarely get asked.

The Introvert’s Guide to Job Hunting provides a flexible, easy-to-follow process for selecting or affirming your career goal, crafting a rock star resume that sets you apart from the competition, and enabling you to confidently navigate the interview and negotiation processes. It also offers the perspective of top-notch career coaches, headhunters, and assessment experts.

The Introvert’s Guide to Job Hunting crosses experience levels, industries, and geographic boundaries. Whether you are an experienced professional seeking the next level, a career changer, or a recent graduate just getting started, it can help you achieve your goals. While this book specifically targets introverts, it also provides tips and techniques for job seekers who view themselves as more extroverted.

Tim Toterhi

About Tim Toterhi (Durham, North Carolina Author)

Tim Toterhi

Tim Toterhi is a blue-jeans kind of guy. He likes rainy nights, top down days, and sipping good wine with cool people. He believes in soulmates, sad songs, and learning through the lifetimes.

Tim’s fiction has been described as part philosophical adventure, part paranormal crime, with just the right amount of offbeat humor. His works include:

  • Both Sides of Broken

  • Lunches with Larry

  • Two Minutes Too Late: Stories of Lost Love and Missed Opportunities

  • The Amazing and Somewhat Sarcastic Tad

By day Tim is a CHRO and founder of Plotline Leadership, a consultancy that provides Executive Coaching, HR Consulting, and Message Management services. His latest nonfiction work is entitled, The Introvert’s Guide to Job Hunting: How to Outshine the Competition. Learn more at or