The Journey Continues – His Road To Adulthood (Book 2)

The Journey Continues
174 Pages
Toni Davis
ISBN 978-1977544131

The Journey Continues is the second book of my “His Road To Adulthood” series.

This is when you will see the man James is growing into. How he starts and raises a family, while still doing what he loves. See how when times get tough family will always be there. Show you that true love can get you through anything. And how friendships can last years even with lack of contact.

This book you will see James grow along with family through the good and the bad.

Toni Davis

About Toni Davis (Detroit, Michigan Author)

Toni Davis

My name is Toni Davis, I’ve always considered myself a shy person and an ok English student. I wrote a short story years ago about my life, but I think that was just to get things off my mind. This new experience started one night as I was trying to fall asleep. The climax of my book popped in my head. The next morning I was still thinking about it and later in the week more of the story came to me. I started to write everything down and when the notes on my phone got full I bought a tablet.

With all the writing I was doing, my husband asked if I ever thought about getting my work published. Before that moment I didn’t, so I looked into it and decided it would be nice to show my talent to others. Once I decided to publish my book, it took on a life of its own. I didn’t know when or how to end it. So I decided to make it a series, at the time I wasn’t sure how many books would be in the series. When I started writing it was just for fun but the more I wrote the more I learned. I haven’t even finished my third and final book to the “His Road To Adulthood” series yet and already have about four more books I plan to publish in the future.

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