The Journey of Atlantis – Book One: Leaving Home

The Journey of Atlantis
186 Pages
Jeff Knoblauch
ISBN 1549761471

Captain Levi Metcalfe is the unwilling leader of the first Ark class vessel charged with saving a sampling of Earth's lifeforms before the neutron star arrives. But first it has to be built! It's a race against time and not everyone is for the Project.

"The Journey of Atlantis" is an impossible problem set in the very near future tasked with overcoming terrible obstacles. How will the consortium ever get co-operation from the squabbling nations of Earth to build this Ark? And even if it is built, where will we go? Space is a dangerous place and the humans will just have to learn along the way in this roller coaster, hard sci-fi adventure!

The Journey of Atlantis is a thought provoking, emotional, and psychological adventure that answers many questions sci-fi fans have about how to get off the third rock from the sun in 100 years or less!

Jeff Knoblauch

About Jeff Knoblauch (Kansas City, Missouri & Kansas Author)

Jeff Knoblauch

Jeff was born and raised in Missouri. He has a chemistry degree and has worked for over 25 years at a children's hospital.

Jeff has a passion for hard Sci-Fi and grew up reading tales from Isaac Asimov, Author C. Clarke, and Ray Bradbury. Science has always fascinated Jeff, and so it is no wonder that he eventually became a scientist. Later in life, it was his love for both science and science fiction that gave him the inspiration to write.

He is always looking into the future of the human race. If there is a future, what will it be? Jeff enjoys looking around the corner to the future and bringing his readers with him.