The Land of Words – Short Stories

The Land of Words
176 Pages
ISBN 978-0983054139

This book is divided into four sections: North, South, East and West. Just like the compass, the stories point in different directions. To the North, the stories explore changing emotions. To the South, they play around with possible futures. To the East are stories of devastation. Beware all who venture there. And to the West, the stories revolve around changing lives. Travel freely around the Land of Words. Or stay with the compass. You’ll discover a new world in every direction.

D. S. White

About D. S. White (Portland, Oregon Author)

D. S. White

D. S. White likes to write about the little people, the ones who live in obscure places and never see their names in lights. He has worked on numerous publication, including children's books and textbooks and anthologies and magazines. He was born in the mountains and now lives by the sea.