The Last Best Thing

The Last Best Thing
113 Pages
ISBN 9781511681001

“What started out 50 years ago as an annual party evolved into a yearly reunion and then a way of life. It’s sort of like a geriatric Big Chill.”

Sam and Sarah are the elderly owners of a farm in central Iowa that turns into a private retirement community when it also becomes home to a disabled friend, a destitute neighbor and her daughter, and an expatriate artist. Together, this close-knit group confronts the hardships and disappointments of age and infirmity with courage, humanity, and humor.

But beneath the surface, this rustic “home away from the old folks’ home” is not everything it seems. One of its inhabitants is a killer. Another is her victim.

How far will these lifelong friends go to help each other when their way of life is threatened? Witness what loyalty and sacrifice really mean to this unlikely group of people gathered together under one roof.

Kate Sebeny

About Kate Sebeny (Des Moines, Iowa Author)

Kate Sebeny

Born and raised in Iowa, Kate earned her B.A. from the University of Iowa and her M.A. at Iowa State. She's taught writing at two universities, been the editor of a regional newspaper and at a national magazine, and is a copywriter for museum exhibitions.

The author of "The Last Best Thing," Kate is at work on other literary projects, winning many grants and awards for her writing.

She's also renovated every place she's lived, including the historical Madison County jailhouse in Winterset, Iowa. She lives in her current rehab project on the Des Moines River with her three dogs and three cats.