The Law of Action – How to Hit Your Target Every Time

The Law of Action
129 Pages
ISBN 978-1-940324-12-8

Yes! You deserve to reach your goals, to witness your dreams come to life.

Yes! You deserve to see the fires of creation burning like a bonfire within your heart, screaming for release.

Yes! You deserve to hear the joyous symphony of satisfaction that comes with staying the course.

Yes! You deserve to give life your all, to create amazing results, and make the world a better place!

Yes! You deserve to read the Law of Action book because without the Law of Action working for you, you can have goals, write them down, take consistent action, and still miss your mark.

Make sure you see your goals clearly, have a plan of action to reach them, and hear the roar of success!

Now You Can:

Harness the Law of Action See a clear path to achieving your goals Hear the winds of change Make sure your actions are creating the life you want Take the right actions, reach your goals, and achieve your dreams? Buy The Law of Action Book, Apply the principles, and experience results you’ve only dreamed of before.

Actions are more than physical, more than just the things you do. Thoughts are actions. Choices are actions. Taking no action is an action. Even feelings are actions. And all of your actions produce results.

The Law of Action shapes everything in your life!

YES! Learn how to use the Law of Action to create amazing results in your life, Take Action! Buy The Law of Action book. Get your copy now!

Roland Byrd

About Roland Byrd (Salt Lake City, Utah Author)

Roland Byrd

Roland Byrd is the author of seven personal development and transformational books, contributing author to the bestselling book The Prosperity Factor—with Joe Vitale, and the founder of Life 180 University.

His passion is helping people unlock their true power, be their best selves, and master their destiny.

He is a Proud Father, Husband, Network Engineer, Martial Artist, Skateboarder, Fitness Nut, and Student of Life. He fell in love with reading at an early age and devoured all the science fiction and fantasy books he could get his hands on. His love for reading led to a passion for writing.

Roland spent many years working as everything from a buss boy to a high-rise window cleaner. He finally settled into the IT industry in 2000. Through it all, Roland's passion for writing never waned. Finally, when he started learning to believe in himself, he began to write in earnest.

Roland writes Science Fiction and Fantasy stories and novels as well as Self-Help, Inspirational, and Transformational books.

For his personal development books, Roland draws on his own life experiences and personal transformation to help other's discover how they too can live their passion and become their best selves.

Like many people, Roland came from a troubled past. After hitting the "absolute bottom of his life", he discovered how to break free of the patterns and programming he was living. Since his personal breaking-point and subsequent inner evolution, Roland has dedicated his life to helping others learn how to improve their lives by transforming themselves from the inside.

"Your world is only as big as you allow it to be." - Roland Byrd