The Leadership Genius of Julius Caesar – Modern Lessons From A Man Who Built An Empire

The Leadership Genius of Julius Caesar
192 Pages
ISBN 978-1626566934

Sometimes the best way to move forward is to look back. Phillip Barlag shows us that Julius Caesar is one of the most compelling leaders of the past to study - a man whose approach was surprisingly modern and extraordinarily effective.

History is littered with leaders hopelessly out of touch with their people and ruthlessly pursuing their own ambitions. But Caesar had an amazing ability to generate loyalty, to turn enemies into allies and allies into devoted followers.

Central to Barlag's argument is the distinction between force and power. His supporters followed him because they wanted to, not because they were compelled to. Over 2,000 years after Caesar's death, this is still the kind of loyalty every leader wants to inspire. Barlag shows how anyone can learn to lead like Caesar.

Phillip Barlag

About Phillip Barlag (Atlanta, Georgia Author)

Phillip Barlag

Phillip Barlag is an executive director at World 50, which initiates and facilitates the most interesting and influential business conversations in the world. He has the enormous privilege of serving remarkable leaders from some of the most well-respected companies around the globe.

Barlag has built numerous teams that have achieved remarkable success and economic growth. His career has also included lots of failure, procrastination, and getting himself in trouble. In all cases, Barlag has benefited from creative breakthroughs and seeing both good and bad leadership firsthand. His work explores the authentic nature of success and struggle in leadership.

His writing has been published in Fast Company, MIT Sloan Management Review, and a number of influential business blogs. He lives in the Atlanta, GA, area with his wife and three children.