The Legend of SqueezeboxSqueeze – A Miraculous, Magical, Musical Tale

The Legend of SqueezeboxSqueeze
152 Pages
ISBN 978-1-7320511-4-0

Category: Young adult novel, 152 pages with over 40 illustrations by the author:

Cheng Lee, former inventor, physics professor and one-time pioneer in the field of quantum mechanics is the owner of a run-down accordion shop in London where he toils repairing instruments. His business is failing, his beloved wife has passed, and he may soon be evicted. Now old and broken, all seems lost. Then a small package is delivered that launches the old shopkeeper on a crazy, magical journey with world altering consequences. Just when Cheng's future finally seems bright again, disaster strikes requiring supernatural deliverance. Along the way, Cheng with his apprentice, Emily and band of magical, musical cohorts learn the meaning of loyalty, heroism and the power of believing. A fun read for anyone, young or old, who has ever pondered the true power of music and whether some musical instruments might actually have souls.

Mark Shamlian

About Mark Shamlian (Boston, Massachusetts Author)

Mark Shamlian

Mark Shamlian, freelance illustrator, designer, and writer resides outside of Boston with his wife Gina. With his debut novel, The Legend of SqueezeboxSqueeze, a Miraculous, Magical, Musical Tale, he combines love for illustration, music and writing. Other interests include painting portraits, "full-contact" gardening, carpentry, teaching and playing drums (various rock, blues, bluegrass and eclectic bands over the years). He now plays drums in a Boston area church group to help atone for his numerous sins. When not engaged in the creative process, he lives an impressively unremarkable life.

His ancestral home is Haddonfield, New Jersey, to where he makes an annual pilgrimage. Among some of the dusty pieces of paper in his file cabinet are a BFA degree in drawing and painting from the University of Delaware and an MFA in painting from Boston University. For more info, please see or Facebook.