The Legend of the Fairy Stones

The Legend of the Fairy Stones
52 Pages
ISBN 978-1642791952

The Legend of the Fairy Stones is folkloric fiction, scientific fact, and whimsical artwork blended beautifully in a lyrical verse-driven fairy tale. This unique stand-alone picture book shares the fictional legend of how real-life fairy stones were formed. Woodland lore has it that the cross-shaped stones came from the solidified tears of forest fairies the day they heard that Jesus died.

The Legend of the Fairy Stones takes readers on an upbeat journey through a land filled with joyful fairies of all varieties before twisting and turning into a world of evils and ill wills combated by a sense of fearlessness found in the spirit of the fairy stones. It’s been deemed that fairy stones repel witches, ghosts, goblins, ghouls, and all other types of ghastly fools.

With its rhythmic text and classic fairy-tale style, The Legend of the Fairy Stones cleverly integrates fantastical folklore in a collage-style montage of amazing artwork from the public domain. These very real stone crosses, officially called Staurolite, form naturally through a geothermal process known as “cruciform penetration twinning.” Alongside its elements of fantasy and whimsy, The Legend of the Fairy Stones remains grounded in educational content with back matter that focuses sharply on STEAM and Common Core Standards.

Kelly Anne White

About Kelly Anne White (Baltimore, Maryland Author)

Kelly Anne White

Kelly Anne White is author and contributor of hundreds of articles and books for children, teens, and young adults. Her most recent is a picture book titled The Legend of the Fairy Stones (Morgan James Kids, 2019). Kelly's other titles include The Bible Adventure Book of Scavenger Hunts (Healthy Learning, 2016), Choose a Career Adventure: White House (Cherry Lake Publishing, 2016), and Natural Wonders of the World: Yellowstone National Park (North Star Editions, 2018).

Kelly is well-respected in the literary circuit for her conversational style and knowledge of children’s publishing. Prior to her ventures into book publishing, Kelly spent fifteen years near the tippy-top of the masthead as senior executive editor of Girls’ Life magazine. She also co-authored The Girls’ Life Guide series of books and contributed to multiple other books published in partnership with the magazine.

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