The Legender – Book I: Myths Awoken

The Legender
112 Pages

“The pacing is brisk…the action is fun” – Publishers Weekly “At last, a great fantasy novel!” – Vine Reviewer

Arkos, a reclusive artisan, bides the long age of peace carving animal bones and remembering his days of adventure. In the ancient city of Tierrion where he dwells, no one suspects he is one of the legenders—those forces of nature clad in human form who spoke with the elements and shaped them into mighty beasts. After the legenders fought in the bygone war against the Living Shadow, they faded into myth and have remained in historical obscurity.

That is until a great evil strikes Tierrion and Arkos saves the city with his power over the elements. This grand revelation of his true identity comes at a cost, however, for there are kings and politicians who would use a legender for their own purposes. But Arkos devises a plan to gain his freedom.

Jason Link

About Jason Link (Traverse City, Michigan Author)

Jason Link

Fantasy stories should never act as mere escapes from reality. Instead, they need to inspire people to live more nobly and heroically IN reality.

This is why I write.

I’m Jason Link. My calling is to tell good stories in the fantasy genre. My hope is that what I write will encourage you to be the hero of your life story.