The Lives Behind Them – Exploring The Backgrounds of My Late Parents

The Lives Behind Them
48 Pages
ISBN 9781389122903

One of the greatest mysteries in life happens to be confronted when your parents have passed on and you are left with an incomplete sense of self. The realization that you do not really know that much about your family, because you always have taken for granted as possessing by default. The further conclusion that what you know about yourself was and is a construct of different portions of the hidden personas of each of your parent's hidden desires and goals in life.

The old family quips and myths retold take on new significance much like that of a treasure map to unearth those hidden identities of real meaning. The book is a dispassionate view of those two people that were lurking behind the vaunted roles of parenthood. A kindred viewpoint of what their own goals, hopes and dreams once were. Those that were acted upon, and the many ones that were not.

Scott Becker

About Scott Becker (Chicago, Illinois Author)

Scott Becker

Scott Becker has been writing all manner of short stories, screenplays, and poetic verses for over thirty-five years. His prose has been accused of being as blatantly visual as his imagery. These mediums owing much to the proliferation of the personal computer and the resultant facility of an incessant imagination to produce writings and brief video productions that bear the stamp of his ideas and life experience.

His visual work has been seen in various International print exhibitions and media festivals and his writing directly presented at such longstanding literary venues as Red Sky Poetry club in Seattle Washington.The latest most prolific enterprise is the blog site, Exist Ants that was begun in 2013. There are some 600+ short story fiction based stories and articles to date posted that reflect opinions, rants and entertaining tales.

Some twenty plus titles in paper print and on Kindle are currently available. Older articles celebrating his work have appeared over past decades in international periodicals including Mondo 2000, Pixel, Creater Numerique, and Computer Artist.