The Long Dark Cloak

The Long Dark Cloak
317 Pages
ISBN 978-1-943050-53-6

The Long Dark Cloak, Book 1 in the Relics Adventure Series, 2017

Thirteen-year-old Ivan Kimble travels to an ancient forest in Southern England, searching for Peter, his older brother. Ivan’s quest is interrupted when he halfheartedly agrees to help save the life of Zephyrus, a huge Kingwood oak tree, who was severely wounded with the revered Silver Axe. The lad is guided by a wise and honorable spirit, imbued in the Long Dark Cloak, to help find a healing sap to save Zephyrus’s life—or the forest will be lost forever.

The journey is filled with a myriad of strange and mythical creatures that hinder his search to save Zephyrus. When war is declared, Ivan finds himself fighting to save his own life and the many friends he has made. He becomes a hero of the forest for his bravery. When Ivan finds his brother, he realizes Peter is not as he remembered, the forest is not as it first seemed, and his life may be sacrificed in order to save both of them.

Vicki Dawn Thomas

About Vicki Dawn Thomas (Fresno, California Author)

Vicki Dawn Thomas

In an earlier career, I was a freelance fashion illustrator in Los Angeles, working for both wholesale and retail fashion houses. I also taught watercolor classes to young people for over a decade.

My passion for writing and creating characters and creatures drove my love for fantasy. I wrote seven hand-written books, which I’m now rewriting and editing. The first book in the Relics Adventure series is, The Long Dark Cloak; the second book, The Golden Lantern, released in late March 2019. Book three, The King’s Scepter is nearly written and promises another exciting adventure for my protagonist, Ivan Kimble.

To help keep the characters straight during my protagonist’s dangerous journey, and since I’m also an artist, I sketched people/scenes and drew a map to guide me and my readers. The map is reproduced at the beginning of each book.

It should be no surprise that JK Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series, is my main inspiration, as well as C.S. Lewis and Tolkien. I’m grateful to all those who have influenced and guided me on this mystical journey.

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