The Lost Calendar of the Maya: The Return of Kukulkan – (The Martin Culver Series Book 3)

The Lost Calendar of the Maya: The Return of Kukulkan
331 Pages
ISBN 978-1475115796

Storm clouds gather across the mysterious land of the Maya.

Beneath the ruins of Chichen-Itza lie unrevealed Mayan artifacts that promise profit and power to those bold enough to acquire them. Ominous events in the skies threaten Martin Culver's team of archaeologists and astronomers as ancient enemies square off against each other on the ground.

Old friendships and new alliances strain under the pressures of an unprecedented peril that even Earth's foremost experts have been unable to resolve. Will the secrets of a key Mayan Prophecy be revealed before time runs out? The answer lies hidden with The Lost Calendar of the Maya.

Malcom Massey

About Malcom Massey (Hampton Roads, Virginia Author)

Malcom Massey

Malcom Massey writes "The Martin Culver Series", a series of action thrillers based on his experiences living in Central and South America, as well as his interests in history, archaeology and travel. The main character of the series, Martin Culver, is an author-turned-adventurer who gets unavoidably drawn into one dangerous exploit after another.

Culver's passion to repatriate stolen historical artifacts leads him to establish the International Antiquities Foundation (IAF), but the archaeological black market has deep roots, with shadowy players on both sides of the fence who do not abide any interference, and play for keeps. As Culver builds his team of experts, knowing who to trust is the first lesson he must learn. The lessons that follow will test every fiber of his character. The Martin Culver Series is best for the reader when read in order.

Malcom grew up devouring stories of ancient cultures and lost treasures from around the world. Raised in Virginia, Malcom has lived in Costa Rica and Bolivia, and has traveled throughout South America and the Caribbean, including Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, the Bahamas, the Dominican Republic and the Virgin Islands. After living and writing for 16 months in the Yucatan Peninsula, Malcom returned to the United States, where he still lives and writes near the coast.