The Meditation Process – Raja Yoga and Buddhist Shamatha

The Meditation Process
290 Pages
ISBN 9781543967333

The Meditation Process is a practical study of concentration meditation for intermediate and beginning meditators. Based on many years of wide personal experience and research, this is a close look at what the meditator actually does. Concise, practical suggestions are given for questions about posture, breathing, dealing with thoughts, brain hemisphere functions, establishing one-pointed mind, turning mind inward, relaxation, non-attachment, lifestyle, mantra use, awareness, and obstacles found in all forms of meditation. For the serious student, the stages of meditation common to Raja Yoga and Buddhist Shamatha are seen as a process leading to one-pointed mind. Many professional photos give a sense of reality to the contemplative lifestyle as seen in India and Nepal.

Lyle Olson

About Lyle Olson (Missoula, Montana Author)

Lyle Olson

Lyle Olson discovered philosophy and a love of inquiry at St. Olaf College. Upon graduating from the University of Minnesota, he ventured west to teach in Montana while continuing his studies. With a Masters in Counseling from Montana State University, he eventually retired as a high school counselor/teacher. But there were still the perennial questions to be pursued such as “what is life for?” He turned to the study of various traditions and Eastern philosophy, finding that they always included meditation as a core practice. To get a good grounding in meditation and gather the best practices from various traditions, he entered the graduate school in Yoga Science & Philosophy at the Himalayan Institute. He served as photographer for Yoga International and the Institute for 15 years including 2 years in various ashrams in India plus experiencing a variety of other Yoga and Buddhist meditation settings. He now lives in the Salish Mountains of NW Montana with lots of nature, critters, and books.