The Midwife of Hope River – A Novel of an American Midwife

The Midwife of Hope River
400 Pages
ISBN 9780062198891

In The Midwife of Hope River, USA Today best selling author, Patricia Harman, creates an uplifting story that celebrates the miracle of life, and the world of women giving birth in their own beds, without hospitals or doctors.

The book sweeps you away to another time and place, one of the most tumultuous times in American history, with the challenges that the Depression, prohibition and the West Virginia Coal Wars brought to an already struggling Appalachia, yet the honesty and humanity of the characters make it feel utterly close and real.

The book has been selected by the Southern Independent Booksellers Association as a First Pick and is sold in 10 other countries. In 2014 it won the Best Book of the Year Award by the American College of Nurse Midwives.

Patricia Harman

About Patricia Harman (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Author)

Patricia Harman

Patricia Harman is a midwife and author who lives near Pittsburgh, in the college town of Morgantown WV. She started writing her first book, The Blue Cotton Gown: a midwife's memoir in 2006 and now has 5 books out with a 6 coming Jan. 31, The Runaway Midwife (HarperCollins)

Patricia often writes about midwives and childbirth, but her stories are about much more, the human struggle for social justice, community, love, nature and hope.