The Milwaukee Bucket List – 101 Real Milwaukee Adventures

The Milwaukee Bucket List
140 Pages
ISBN 9781500858445

Milwaukee is a big city with a small town feel. With the largest and most diverse population in Wisconsin, it has transitioned from a Midwest manufacturing hub, to an eclectic center for art, nature, bibles, and redevelopment.

This book will take you on a tour through what is Milwaukee today, by offering 101 real Milwaukee adventures. Get into the neighborhoods. Meet small business owners who make chocolate, roast coffee, or brew beer. See the beautiful parks. Learn about the city's historic past. Be entertained. There is so much to explore!

Barbara Ali

About Barbara Ali (Milwaukee, Wisconsin Author)

Barbara Ali

Barbara Ali spent the bulk of her adult life traveling the world during a career with the US Air Force. She is an avid photographer, world traveler, adventurer, and mom. She and her husband, Abdulhamid, live in Milwaukee, where they have a "yours, mine, and ours" family of six children. The youngest, Omar, was born with Down syndrome and accompanies them as they seek out new adventures.