The Nested Charmer – A Matryoshka's Hidden Legacy

The Nested Charmer
287 Pages
Kindle Direct Publishing
ISBN 978-1-7359120-0-4

Audrey has survived the loss of her father and an alcoholic mother and plans a future with the man of her dreams, blissfully unaware that Fate has a very different lot in mind. When she receives an antique Russian doll from a mysterious yet strangely familiar crone, she has no clue of the devastating effect this incident will have on her life. Discovering the sinister secret trapped within the Matryoshka will have consequences that set her on a path of theft, betrayal, and murder. Who can she trust? Can she escape from a collision course with destiny and finally find peace?

Jessica May Broyles

About Jessica May Broyles (Orlando, Florida Author)

Jessica May Broyles

Jessica May Broyles is a writer and the author of the new novel, The Nested Charmer, A Matryoshka’s Hidden Legacy. As a certified high school counselor, she spent most of her career working with teens. As a result, her characters are portrayed with depth, bringing to light social and family issues plaguing today’s society. Jessica has completed several creative writing courses at Eastern Florida State College and has written several short stories. She took seventh place in a Writer’s Digest children’s short story competition. She lives with her husband, George, and golden-doodle, Charlie a few miles outside Kennedy Space Center. Like the rockets, Jessica hopes her new book will soar into the heavens.