The Old Soldiers' Gardening Club

The Old Soldiers' Gardening Club
345 Pages
Amazon KDP Publishing
ISBN 9798638664060

Retirement has left Ted Halliday feeling useless. Thinking that even a funeral might enliven his mundane life, he accepts an invitation to attend a memorial service in far away Germany.

The journey begins, and surprises unfold. Chance encounters awaken suppressed memories of Ted's experiences in Vietnam. Upon arrival, he is surprised to learn that he is something of a celebrity in the small Bavarian town, and is unexpectedly asked to examine the memoires of another vet -- some of them quite disturbing.

Grappling with ghosts awakened, Ted comes to recognize the significance of a friendship he had long discounted as inconsequential, and discovers that he still has much to contribute.

Vern Hobbs

About Vern Hobbs (Vero Beach, Florida Author)

Vern Hobbs

You may know Vern from his informative articles in sailing magazines such as Latitudes & Attitudes, or Good Old Boat. Perhaps you have read one his travel pieces in The Beachside Resident, or on Vern brings his unique right brain vs. left brain style to the realm of fiction in his five novels: Flying Fish, Mudfish Creek, Parrotfish Cay, Stellar Grace, and most recently, the Old Soldiers Gardening Club.

A retired airline pilot, Vern now spends his days exploring the Florida coast, either walking the beaches, or aboard his 50 plus year old sailboat with wife, Sally, and their feline companions.

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