The Original Frontier – A Serious Seeker's Guide to Zen

The Original Frontier
256 Pages
Red Feather
ISBN 978-0764360886

Throw open the gate to the original frontier of your creative mind discovered by Buddha, handed down to successive generations through India, China, and Japan, and now to America, in this age of increasing uncertainty. A new, refreshing approach lays out the ancient secrets of the irreducibly simple method of Zen meditation, in easily accessible terms and digestible bites. Ranging from how Zen differs from popular meditations, to designing a contemporary Zen life, and including workarounds for all your excuses. Based on sound principles of direct sensory immersion, simply sitting still enough for long enough, this user’s manual for Zen is presented step by step, encompassing personal dimensions of practice, as well as social implications for yourself and others. Zen enables you to embrace ambiguity in daily life, and to enjoy benefits to your health and happiness. Zen is always contemporary and holds the key to surviving, and thriving, in trying times.

Michael Elliston

About Michael Elliston (Virginia-Highland, Georgia Author)

Michael Elliston

A creative thinker, fine artist, and teacher, Michael Elliston is ordained as a transmitted Zen priest. He is founder of the Atlanta Soto Zen Center, and the Silent Thunder Order, a network of Zen centers in the US and Canada. He has studied Zen since 1966.