The Other Brother – From the bestselling collection Falling for You

The Other Brother
122 Pages
Four Diamonds Publishing
ISBN 978-1539847571

Marc Hudson has spent his entire life contently being “the other Hudson brother.” Always in his younger brother’s sports-hero shadow, he finds himself suddenly tasked with caring for Mike’s widow and infant son. When he meets Kendall, he loves that she has no idea who his famous brother is.

Kendall Thornton, RN, is drawn to the quiet man who spends every evening caring—and praying—for his brother’s family. But this job is only a stepping stone on the way to bigger challenges, and she can’t get involved here.

Can he convince her she’s already found what she’s searching for? Can she show him he is special in his own right? Can they both let God show them that He knows them better than they know themselves, and that what He has planned could be even better than what they imagined?

Carole Towriss

About Carole Towriss (Baltimore, Maryland Author)

Carole Towriss

Carole Towriss grew up in “America’s finest city,” beautiful San Diego, California. She now lives just north of Washington, D. C. in a Maryland suburb with her husband of 34 years and two of their four children. Their oldest daughter is studying to be an art therapist, and their second daughter is in college. The younger three of their four children are adopted from Kazakhstan. The two girls are ethnic Kazak, and the only boy is ethnic Russian. With kids from over 150 countries in the public school system, DC is a perfect fit for their multi-cultural family. People from over twenty countries attend their church. Carole loves her husband, her children, the beach, and tacos, though not always in that order. In addition to writing, she binge-watches British crime dramas and does the dishes for the fourth time in one day.