The Phoenix Syndrome

The Phoenix Syndrome
278 Pages
ISBN 978-0-9974326-3-3

Turning forty, for research technician Lannie Marvin, is rough. It’s the day she discovers her husband is leaving her. At work, a crazed mouse brutally bites her. Lannie snaps. She heads off to chase the object of her newest crush, drummer of a heavy metal band—and an old dream of composing music.

Tristan Allard, said drummer, holds a benefit concert every year in memory of his wife. The musician is beginning to doubt his ability to write music without her inspiration. Plus, he’s damn lonely. So when a sexually charged woman literally plows into him at the backstage reception, Tristan is ready to learn more about her—and her long-buried interest in musical composition.

This new chance at life and love has them both euphoric, but reality bites back. Tristan is headed back to the UK to audition his latest album. And Lannie soon learns an elevated libido isn’t the only side-effect of that experimental drug.

It’s a musician’s worst nightmare—the drug Lannie was exposed to have rendered the mice deaf.

Claire Gem

About Claire Gem (Boston, Massachusetts Author)

Claire Gem

Claire Gem lives in Webster, MA and is the author of a memoir and four novels. She began her career writing feature articles for magazines, and earned her MFA in creative writing from Lesley University in Cambridge, MA. Her memoir and debut novel were released in early 2015 by two different small publishers. This year she has published three more novels--a contemporary romance, a romantic suspense, and a women's fiction. Her romantic suspense, Hearts Unloched, won the 2016 New York Book Festival.

Claire's vision is to transport her readers into another place and time, creating characters and settings so real, readers miss them when they reach The End. Her characters are human, just like you & me. They make mistakes, get clumsy sometimes, & are not too proud to laugh at themselves & each other.

The keyword here is EMOTION. Big on the Sigh factor, Claire's stories aim to hit you straight in the heart and leave you smiling through happy tears.