The RecordKeeper – Pathway to greater well-being

The RecordKeeper
224 Pages
ISBN 13 978 0 692 84268 3

This book is more than a journal, more than a record keeper. It's a bit of both with black and white images and inspirational quotes included.

The RecordKeeper will enable you to keep track not only of your thoughts and dreams but also what you ate, how you moved, blood pressure readings and much more!

Working with a health care provider can be the best thing you can do for yourself when it comes to writing down important information concerning your physical, mental and emotional health!

Marie C. Neder

About Marie C. Neder (Grants Pass, Oregon Author)

Marie C. Neder

As a military "brat" I traveled around the United States until the age of 13. From there I graduated from Van Nuys High School and also from CSU, Northridge, both located in Southern California.

Making my way north to Grants Pass in 2005 I have enjoyed working and living in this small town with friendly faces and a beautiful river (Rogue River) nearby.

My passion with photography still grows and I've included some of my black and white photos in a new book called "The RecordKeeper." My hope is to make a difference in those who come into contact with my images, my book and even with me.

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