The Sight of Demons – Master of Perceptions, Book 1

The Sight of Demons
270 Pages
Beavers Pond Press
ISBN 978-1592987443

Hunter Miller sees demons. The terrifying shadows engulf him and everyone he knows—yet nobody else notices their presence.

Hunter can’t escape them, so he sets out to understand them. Why do they follow him? What are they trying to tell him?

In this first installment of the Master of Perceptions series, pre-teen Hunter discovers that every sensation the demons produce—whether it be sight, sound, texture, flavor, or smell—has a different meaning. By breaking this code, he just might be able to harness their power.

Darin C. Brown

About Darin C. Brown (New Hampshire Author)

Darin C. Brown

Darin C. Brown grew up in upstate New York, the youngest of seven children. Darin saved lives as an ER doctor in New Hampshire and Maine for nearly twenty years. With a bachelor's degree in engineering physics and a master's degree in biomedical engineering from Cornell, along with a PhD in biophysics from the University of Illinois, he is uniquely qualified to create Hunter Miller, the protagonist in The Master of Perceptions Series. When not writing, he directs Murder Mystery Dinner Theater, and acts with a local theater company. A chess player, martial artist, piano enthusiast, and former All-American runner, he still competes at the national level in master’s track. He currently resides in the White Mountains of New Hampshire with his wife, Dr. Sandra Brown.

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