The Smart Business – A Visual eBook for Entrepreneurs, Startups and Early Stage Companies

The Smart Business
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We are living in an unprecedented era of information availability, technology innovation, and advanced means of communicating. The website,, states that in five years, technology will be 32 times more advanced than it is today. In ten years, 1,000 times more advanced and in twenty years, 1,000,000 times more advanced! Whatever the future brings, we can be assured that emerging technologies, trends, and the new paradigms they create will continually change how businesses compete, grow and thrive.

The buzzword today for innovative products or new technologies is the word “smart.” It is common for most people to have “smart phones,” “smart TVs,” “smart cars,” and a host of other smart technologies that will continue to be innovated upon as time progresses. The world is changing at a rapid pace, and businesses of all scopes and sizes must continually adapt in order to create and maintain advantages in their arenas. A “smart business” utilizes timeliness leadership and management principles to strategically operate and be a continuous source of value.

Visual eBook? The Smart Business is short-scripted and packed with unique 3D images, making it visually stimulating and a quick reference point for immediate application. Save time learning real-world content in a memorable, innovative way.

Visually engaging. No content fluff. Broad application.

Brennan Farrell

About Brennan Farrell (Raleigh, North Carolina Author)

Brennan Farrell

After graduating from Elon University’s Martha and Spencer Love School of Business, Brennan started his career in project management and later served as Sales Director at SPS, a global IT solutions company. For four years afterward, Brennan served as the VP of Professional Services at eWater Advantage, a sustainable technology startup. Brennan currently serves as co-owner and VP of Sales & Marketing with NORLINX Systems, a leading Data Center software firm.

The Smart Business - A Visual eBook for Entrepreneurs, Startups and Early Stage Companies is a culmination of Brennan’s passion for entrepreneurship, a rigorous self-education process, and 10+ years of working in competitive business environments. Brennan views The Smart Business as a “timeless strategic template” that can be applied to any organization to help it start, grow and thrive.