The Stateroom Tryst – (Clayton Chronicles Book 1)

The Stateroom Tryst
236 Pages
Gaslamp Scriveners Press
ISBN 978-1546544296

A seasoned private detective.... a rich, sexy client keeping tabs on her husband.... a gambling ring, and a host of people following the husband..... Rick "Clay" Clayton is hired by an attractive, affluent woman who wants to learn the truth behind her husband’s overnight “business” trips and spending binges. She suspects gambling, and Clay sets out to solve the mystery. When her husband is murdered among an entourage of people tailing him, Clay realizes this is no ordinary marital investigation. His tenacity leads him to uncover a dangerous alliance that takes even his hardened experience by surprise. About the Series: San Diego private detective Rick “Clay” Clayton goes to work for the Doubleday Detective Agency after 17 years with the Pinkertons. He has built a career working solo, solving crimes and bringing down organized crime rings. Untrusting of other private eyes and certain of the incompetence of police detectives, he moves through the dark underbelly of the city to ferret out his targets. Enlisting the computer skills of an unconventional friend, Clay tracks down clues and nails the guilty with uncanny precision.

P. Wesley Lundburg

About P. Wesley Lundburg (Long Island, New York Author)

P. Wesley Lundburg

P. Wesley Lundburg has been an Alaska Charter Boat Captain, Coast Guardsman, college English professor, and professional editor. Wes holds a B.A. in English and an M.A. in Literature. He works full-time in higher education as a college dean and professor, writes in his spare time, and dreams of floating on a yacht and writing full-time.

Wes launched his fiction-writing career in 7th grade with a teacher-acclaimed UFO abduction story, became addicted to writing, and hasn't stopped since. Most of his published work has been creative essays, particularly cross-country skiing and hiking/backpacking pieces, and he has written many outdoor travel articles. He has also published academic papers, and presented papers and workshops in his areas of Literature and Communication. His greatest joy has been in writing fiction, however, and he has written numerous short stories, some of which have seen publication.

Raised in San Diego, California, Wes has lived in various parts of the U.S., but draws the material for much of his writing from his more than 17 years in Alaska, where he ran a one-boat fishing charter company and hiked or Nordic-skied many miles through the Alaska Wilderness. Wes now lives on Long Island, New York, with his wife, five kids, very small dog, and a smattering of wild bunnies that hide and dart around his back yard.