The Stillness of Remembering and Other Stories – Restored with Foreword by the Author

The Stillness of Remembering and Other Stories
242 Pages
ISBN 978-1549768530

This is a collection of original short stories that take place in the 1980s, before technology made our lives more public, but somehow made them less intimate. All of these stories involve characters struggling to reconcile their ideas of their pasts with their hopes and expectations of their futures.

Brad and Lauren are colleges friends who reconnect to live the ever after, but struggle to find the happily. Beth is an accomplished academic who finds the darkness of her childhood casting a chilling shadow over her adult life and happiness. Scott awakes one morning in a strange hotel room, not knowing how he got there or who he is. It is not until he revisits the scene of a crime committed seven years earlier does he come to understand his life and who he has become. Only John, an aging widower nostalgically repeating a European trip taken with his beloved wife, can simply immerse himself in a present--a present that is as illusory as his idealized past.

Present with a foreword and commentary by the author.

Thomas C Goss

About Thomas C Goss (St. Louis, Missouri Author)

Thomas C Goss

Thomas (Tom) Goss is an author and veterinarian residing in the city of St. Louis. Among his works are a collection of short stories, The Stillness of Remembering and other stories, as well as the novels The Rewards of Virtue, Menace in the Goldilocks Zone, Specter of Grief: A Haunted Romance, and Throwback Book I: Ares Triumphant. His most recent novel is Throwback Book II: Gaia Petulant.

He offers readers previews of his current work in progress on the blog:

He also hosts a podcast, Fedora Fiction Podcasts in which he reads from his published work.