The Stories I Could Tell

The Stories I Could Tell
177 Pages
LifeGuides Press
ISBN 978-09965066-1-8

After suffering a mild stroke, Maggie McGann implores her granddaughter Diana to go to her home and find something very important to her. However, because of the speech problems caused by Maggie's stroke, she's unable to explain exactly what Diana is to look for. All she can get out is, "find box." Diana, a strong, career-minded businesswoman, begrudges the time and effort the task will take from her busy life, but reluctantly agrees to go.

During the search, Diana continually learns new things about her grandmother. After she finds the treasured items she was sent for, she's amazed to discover even more about Maggie. She is shocked by some revelations and heartbroken by others, but what she discovers will change her life and set her on a new path of her own.

The Stories I Could Tell will take you from laughter to tears, and inspire you to begin your own journey of self-discovery.

Dee Dees

About Dee Dees (Phoenix, Arizona Author)

Dee Dees

Dee Dees is a Personal Historian and the author of three books, including, Write Your Life Story in 28 Days, Raise Confident and Responsible Kids, and The Stories I Could Tell. In addition to her own books, she is co-author of Earthbound Misfit, A Journey through PTSD, and Three Ladies Out.

As a Personal Historian, she has taught workshops on memoir-writing since 1998, and works with individual clients to help them tell their stories. She has also served as a ghost-writer, interviewing her clients, weaving their stories and photographs into an organized volume, and helping with the publishing process.

Dee has been married for 45 years and has two grown, fantastic kids and three beautiful grandchildren.