The Stormrider – The Trials of the Clans Book Two

The Stormrider
342 Pages
ISBN 1521347174

Once more, the drums of war echo across the Fairlands. A madman that leads an army of indescribable size and destruction has set his eyes on Andaria. While Hellion wrestles with inner demons, his clansmen prepare for battle. They are eager now to once more engage death, look it in the eye and defy it.

However, the Goddess herself forbids it. The great Mother, the very world they stand upon, has become tired once more. She calls her emissaries to ensure that the men of Andaria are the first to feel her wrath. The Goddess of the Free People forbids them to go to the aid of the Andarian people. Instead, she sends Hellion on a quest to bring the lost tribes to their new homes in the Fairlands.

In the forests, the children of Andaria seek asylum. They cross the river into the Fairlands, but their destructive ways must not be allowed to mark their journey. Fire has been left to oversee their exodus and ensure her own beloved can return safely. As she prepares the clans, the unprecedented formation of the six armies begins. Five allies will join her. The three most ancient races of Gaia put aside their differences and offer support to Fire’s command.

The armies of men and dwarves, still thankful for the Free People’s help in regaining their homes, pledge their support as well. Fire finds herself in command of an army the likes of which this world has never seen before. An army that can crush the madman that races along Andaria leaving a swath of chaos and destruction in its wake. Still, the wishes of the Goddess cannot be ignored. Andaria must fall. However, the refugees that huddle in the Fairlands must be saved and the pursuing army halted. Fire, suddenly imbued with the gift of realization of who she is, sheds her self-doubt and stands at the head of her armies. While Andaria has been chosen, the madman will not enter the Fairlands! This is her will and her savagery on the battlefield will become a legend!

Ed Ireland

About Ed Ireland (Miami, Florida Author)

Ed Ireland

Ed Ireland was born in Philadelphia on September 29, 1954. In January of 1955, the hospital he was born in was torn down. Presumably, they didn’t want anything like that happening again. His adolescence was shaped in a Catholic school where the proper use of the common language was the only thing that mattered to the short but strong nuns.

In 1972 he joined the military where his wanderlust surfaced. He has since called many places home such as Texas, California, Nevada, Colorado, Pennsylvania New Jersey, New York and North Carolina while on his way to his current home in Miami, Florida. He claims his penchant for wandering is now at an end here in the shadows of Hemingway.

Along this great and wondrous trip, he has collected memories of some of the most beautiful scenery this country has to offer. He has also met a veritable kaleidoscope of colorful characters that make up the tapestry of his work. Along with his scenic visions, each character in his works carries some part of people he has known in his life, both good and bad.

On the personal side of his life, he is the proud father of two, a rabid Philadelphia Eagles fan, a self-confessed video game addict and a proud supporter of wildlife issues. His particular issue is support for the wolf programs across the country. He encourages support for these magnificent animals and donates a portion of each sale to