The Story of Camp Douglas – Chicago's Forgotten Civil War Prison Camp

The Story of Camp Douglas
256 Pages
ISBN 978-1626199118

A detailed history of Camp Douglas the Chicago prison camp that housed nearly 30,000 Confederate soldiers during the Civil War and received over 40,000 Union recruits.

Camp life is told by the diaries, journals, and letters of prisoners. Causes of conditions and loss of life are investigated.

Located on the near south side of Chicago, the camp operated from 1861to 1865 and was the largest military facility in Illinois.

As a prison it had more prisoner deaths than any Union prison.

David Keller

About David Keller (Chicago, Illinois Author)

David Keller

Retired banker and amateur historian and Managing Director of the Camp Douglas Restoration Foundation.

He is a docent with the Chicago History Museum and author of two books and numerous articles on the Civil War.

He is a frequent lecturer on Camp Douglas and the Civil War.