The Story of Rusty Pliers – Story and Coloring Book

The Story of Rusty Pliers
32 Pages
ISBN 9781636490946

Rusty invites you, along with his two best friends: Meatball and Waffles, to have the best rip-snorting, a knee-smacking puppet show in the world. By adding color into the scenes, you can fill his adventure with brightness, joy, and artistic expression. Just what he needs to fulfill his dream of having a puppet show.

Rusty Pliers

About Rusty Pliers (St. Louis, Missouri Author)

Rusty Pliers

Rusty Pliers is America’s favorite Hillbilly Comedy Ventriloquist and Magician. Rusty is from a small town in St. Louis Missouri with no phones, no lights, and no power, called Mehlville. Rusty Pliers has performed his unique “Country-Fried” magic and ventriloquism show to children from every continent.

You can see Rusty performing on cruise ships, fairs, libraries, and schools. Rusty has also performed at many church events, conventions, and corporate events. Rusty has performed on MSC Cruise Line, and Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, as a guest Children’s Entertainer.