The Success Grower – Eight Down-To-Earth Elements For Achieving Your Goals

The Success Grower
162 Pages
ISBN 9781640851023

“Just letting life happen isn’t the way to success.”

Are you like most people-growing their bank account instead of growing a successful life? Most people define success by what they have. Few people define success by the life they live.

Are you living your hopes and dreams? Or are you letting life happen to you?

Meet Alan Morris who’s starting to see his goal slip away. Without any real plan other than putting in his time, his view of success is now changing and he hasn’t planned for it. Follow Alan on an accidental trip to a farm where you will discover the eight elements for achieving your goals.

This story isn’t just fictional. In fact, readers will find it strangely familiar. In this book you’ll ask yourself these questions:

-Have I given up on my hopes and dreams? -Am I waiting for just the right time or ‘my shot’? -Is that little nagging voice asking “What if?”

The Success Grower is your proven path to growing the new you.

Mark Schinnerer

About Mark Schinnerer (Wichita Falls, Texas Author)

Mark Schinnerer

Mark spent years with a dream to help others be successful in their lives and careers. Growing up in a farm, and being an avid gardener, has given Mark the experience of planning, planting, cultivating, nurturing and harvesting a crop and the insight to re-grow his own dreams and goals.

Today, he has achieved success as a CEO by using his farming and business experience to reach a level of success that allows him to mentor and help others seeking to begin their own journey to plant the seeds of their goals, nurture it through its growth cycle and reap the harvest of achievement.