The Swan Garden

The Swan Garden
355 Pages
ISBN 978-1-943050-08-6

The Swan Garden is the story about a young woman who survives life in both the Irish mother-baby homes and the Magdalene Laundries and keeps her secret about being locked away for a crime that was not hers.

For five years she survives the abuse, ridicule and shame, but upon her escape she buries her experiences telling no on, and holding those who know, to her confidence. Despite her loss, she builds a life finding happiness with a man who loves her and probably would have loved her still had she had the courage to tell him.

Though her daughters bring laughter and love, each day they unknowingly remind her of a past she has tried to forget. One day a chance call comes, but out of fear she can’t let her secret go. She keeps it hidden from those who need her most.

Anne Biggs

About Anne Biggs (Fresno, California Author)

Anne Biggs

I was a "banished baby" born in Castlepollard in Ireland. I was adopted after spending almost five years in an Irish orphanage.

I came to California where I have lived my entire life. I graduated from Fresno State University with a degree in English Literature and two teaching credentials in high school English, and Special Education, in which I have taught for 25 years.

After my retirement I completed my novel The Swan Garden, published by HBE Publishing in 2016. I am curently working on final editing of my memoir, which is my story of my search for my birth-mother. I am also working on a sequel to The Swan Garden.

When I am not writing, I am a grandmother to three wonderful grandchildren. I enjoy gardening, movies and reading.