The Tale of Snow White and the Seven – A Story from the Bound Series

The Tale of Snow White and the Seven
83 Pages
Jonathan M. Lazar

Before she was known as Lady Astra, who waged war against the House of White, she was a Mystic. Before she was known as Lady White, who quested for the First Fairy, she was Marguerite "Snow" White.

Before he was Marguerite's Huntsman, Avarice was a thief in prison, and occasional lover to Lady Astra.

Before they resided in the tiny tower in Ashok Orai, safe guarding a broken Magic Mirror, the Seven lived in isolation at the ancient Cloister, in the woods.

This is the story of how their tales intertwined, due to the jealousy of Lady Astra towards her daughter, Snow White. This is just one of the tales bound by the First Fairy, Madame d'Aulnoy.

Jonathan M. Lazar

About Jonathan M. Lazar (Tucson, Arizona Author)

Jonathan M. Lazar

Born May, 1985, to the greatest generation there is, the Nintendo Generation! That's right, I said it, and it cannot be unsaid.

I share two Siamese cats with my husband, whom I met in college, or I should say, the Siamese cats, Ping and Pong share us.

When I am not writing Fantasy, Science Fiction, and sometimes Romance, I am either cooking, baking, stuffing my face full of sushi or pizza (deep dish is the only kind), or drawing.