The Treasure Within the Kingdom of God – 366 Daily Readings According to the Gospel of Jesus Christ the Kingdom of God

The Treasure Within the Kingdom of God
414 Pages
ISBN 978-0-9910989-0-3

The Treasure Within the Kingdom of God is a Christian daily devotional that is centered on the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Kingdom of God. The first six weeks readings reveal what the Kingdom of God is and how a person is able to enter in. The remainder of the devotional is committed to an almost verse by verse inspirational discussion on the book of Matthew. Jesus went about the countryside preaching and teaching the Kingdom of God. Everything He did, every miracle He performed was teaching then and teaching us now, what the Kingdom of God is like. Christ Jesus admonished his disciples to abide in Him. He is the abiding place and when we truly desire Him, deny ourselves, take up our cross and follow Him, we are able to see and understand what it means to lose our lives for His sake, and, in doing so, finding true life in Him.

Terry Lursen

About Terry Lursen (Charlotte, North Carolina Author)

Terry Lursen

Terry Lursen has been involved in various types of ministries for over 37 years and continues to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the printed page and worship ministry. He has written two other Christian works, The Looking Glass Water: The Water That Woos, a novel and an allegorical work, The Battle for Crested Hill. All of the books are under the TEL Publishing label. TEL Publishing has also published two other Christian devotionals with author, Jean Burden. All of these books can be found online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and just about every other online bookstore. Terry's books can be found locally at Main Street Books in Davidson and at Park Road Books in Charlotte. Terry has a degree from New Orleans Baptist Seminary and also works in pastoral counseling, mentoring and coaching executives in business transition, planning and curriculum writing. He has been married to his lovely wife, Jane, for 35 years and lives in Huntersville, North Carolina. He has three adult children, Jessica, Stephen and his wife, Cara, and Christian. Stephen creates all of the artwork and cover design for each book and is available to help other authors with their cover design as well.

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