The Trials – Secrets, Spells and Tales

The Trials
158 Pages
ISBN 153533066X

The Salem Witch Trials are widely known throughout history, but it's a lesser known black curse that has been weighing heavily on Harry. But when a mysterious new girl arrives in town with a hidden past, dark secrets come to light and new stories are woven throughout the threads of time with the help of a gypsy. The only question is, will this be enough to break the curse?

Book one in a brand new series! Coming soon, "Spellbound: Secrets, Spells and Tales".

Liz Rau

About Liz Rau (Columbia, Missouri Author)

Liz Rau

Missouri born and raised, Liz Rau now resides in Denver, Colorado. As an avid and passionate supporter of the performing arts community, Liz’s background & hobbies include dance, choreography, theatre, and writing. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Communications from Southeast Missouri State University, Liz continues her education in communications while currently employed in the sales field; and actively travels throughout the world to the places that inspire her. With six nieces & nephews, she often considers her role as an “Auntie” as one of her greatest pleasures in life. She also dotes on her two cats, one of which is black & fluffy…perhaps the real-life inspiration for Hanks?

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