The Turning of Nick Torok – A Paranormal Romance

The Turning of Nick Torok
188 Pages
ISBN 978-0744322743

After young Celeste Torok is taken into the mystical Circle, she discovers what really killed her biological parents the day a Kansas City Courthouse exploded. Years later, these memories come back to haunt her as Nick lay dead and she debates her twin brother’s mortality.

But will The Omniscents – ancient vampires who reside in the Hollow Earth – pardon Tristan, The Realm’s supreme warrior, for giving Nick the forbidden Amend? No longer able to resist the seductive Tristan, Celeste abandons her marriage vows despite The Toroks’ objections and joins him in the battle forged against The Harvesters. But can The Realm save thousands of children from a fate worse than death? Will Tristan, once again, gamble annihilation or lose Celeste forever?

D.B. Woodling

About D.B. Woodling (Kansas City, Missouri & Kansas Author)

D.B. Woodling

An author for nearly two decades, D.B. Woodling admits a penchant for mystery thrillers, but refuses to limit her writing to one particular niche. Other genres of interest include historical fiction, young adult fiction, and paranormal fiction, but Woodling also finds writing the biography of one of the first female US Navy Captains very appealing. “I specifically enjoy the research involved, particularly when writing historical fiction, though detective mysteries require a great deal of investigation, a very precise skill set. Young adult fiction demands convincing recall of an earlier point in one’s life, an ability to reconnect with youth.”

Prior to becoming a writer, she was one of the most celebrated entertainers in the Midwest and currently resides in Missouri with her husband, who often resents Detective Mike Malone (the protagonist in Write Off and Final Claim) and has always held a grudge against Luke Richards (the hero in Shannon’s Land and Shannon’s Revenge). Woodling is currently hard at work on the final book of the Detective Mike Malone Trilogy and is hopeful for a Spring 2018 release. The author invites you to follow her on Facebook and Twitter.