The Twins Mia & Mateo / Les Jumeaux Mia & Mateo – Daddy's Little Helpers / Papa et ses Petits Assistants

The Twins Mia & Mateo / Les Jumeaux Mia & Mateo
32 Pages
ISBN 9780692807996

Dear Parents,

When was the last time your children asked to help around the house? Folding laundry, gardening or washing your car? Did you hesitate? Did you picture the worst? Those little faces, full of confidence and determination, “I can do it!” - it made your heart melt! You want them to help and you love it when they ask... BUT… sometimes helping turns into a bigger mess and more work.

Find out how Mia and Mateo are going to help their Dad washing his car and all the adventures of the day!

Chers Parents,

Quand est-ce la dernière fois que vos enfants vous ont demandé d’aider dans la maison ? Plier le linge, jardiner ou laver votre voiture ? Avez-vous hésité? Avez-vous imaginé le pire? Ces petites frimousses, pleines de confidence et de détermination, « Je sais le faire ! » - vous font craquer ! Vous voulez qu’ils vous aident et vous aimez quand ils vous demandent… MAIS… parfois aider devient plus de désordre et de travail.

Découvrez comment Mia et Mateo vont aider leur Papa à laver sa voiture et toutes les aventures de la journée !

Anne-Marie Martens

About Anne-Marie Martens (Los Angeles, California Author)

Anne-Marie Martens

Anne-Marie Martens and Marjorie Joys, co-authors of The Twins Mia & Mateo Daddy’s Little Helpers are a true team. Mother and daughter as well as writers, the pair are passionate about writing children’s books.

Anne-Marie Martens is a mother of four, grandmother of three; her background teaching kindergarten and elementary age students led her to the conclusion that speaking more than one language is the future – and it’s never too early to start. Writing a bilingual children’s book was always her dream, and writing with her daughter seemed perfect.

The Twins Mia & Mateo Daddy’s Little Helpers was inspired by the mother/daughter team’s first-hand knowledge of many sets of twins. “Twins will be a team no matter what,” she attests, adding that she was fascinated by “their special connection, their way of helping each other, and covering for each other.”

Marjorie Joys

About Marjorie Joys (Co-Author)

Marjorie Joys