The Viking Coloring Book

What do you think of when you think of the Vikings? Fierce warriors? Sailors of magnificent dragon-prowed ships who terrorized North-Western Europe? Do you think of darkened halls thick with smoke and song?

Like all people those researchers now consider to be Viking were much more complex than the modern world sees them. This coloring book is meant to show that. It is designed to provide scenes of the beauty of the early medieval world the Vikings inhabited. It is in this context that Viking cultures developed.

You will find artifacts and animals, plants and landscapes within these pages to explore. Species that held some use to the Vikings, such as those that provided fur in particular have been focused on. Reconstructed scenes are inspired by the diverse world experienced in the north. There are no horned helmets here. The real Vikings were much more practical than that.

Dayanna Knight

About Dayanna Knight (Sacramento, California Author)

Dayanna Knight

Dr Dayanna Knight is a local author and illustrator specializing in the Atlantic settlement of the Vikings. She is originally from the Central Valley and attended community college before earning her Bachelor's in Anthropology at UC Berkeley.

Her first book, Viking Nations- based on her doctoral research conducted at the University of Nottingham- released in the US in 2016. It is now widely available from Pen and Sword Books.

Dr Knight is also the creator of the Viking Coloring Book Project, which successfully made it funding goal in January 2016 on Kickstarter. The Viking Coloring Book, her second book, released with the Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies in May 2017. When she is not working on early medieval research she makes jam and has tea with her guinea pigs.

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