The Visionary – Taodore Bentley - Story One - Of Roofs And Reasons

The Visionary
384 Pages
ISBN 978-1541241763

After years of sedation, seclusion, and being manipulated by his handlers in order to control his body’s full capabilities, Taodore Bentley begins to long for being normal by any means necessary. Taodore soon develops a strong desire to leave, but his handlers have no intention of allowing this to happen.

As Taodore’s emotions heighten, his body begins to evolve and he soon realizes that he is capable of hearing other’s thoughts and able to sense their intent. With this new evolution to his continually changing body, Taodore realizes that the more he stops being afraid of who he is, the stronger he becomes. Confiding in his friends, together they figure out that his challenges become less coincidental and more that of containment.

Taodore realizes that, in order to survive, he will need to be out of control and will have to calculate against his handlers in order to be free. Are you strong enough to go with Taodore as he embarks on the toughest challenge he and his friends will ever face – a series of situations in the fight for their lives?

K. Angello-Mayfield

About K. Angello-Mayfield (Syracuse, New York Author)

K. Angello-Mayfield

Kristin was born and raised in Syracuse, New York where she continues to reside. Her love of the seasons and the community has never caused her any desire to leave - this is where her creative heart lives. Although her series originally was released by AuthorHouse in 2009; recently Kristin was given the opportunity to move her series to Amazon and CreateSpace to allow her more freedom with her characters and story, moving forward with a Second Edition of the five (soon to be six) book series.

Having dabbled in writing since she was a child with her love for fantasy and science fiction, her series has shown her interest for humans with special abilities and powers. Kristin's interest in the idea of mutants or supernatural beings that can defend themselves by using their body’s capabilities sparks her drive and is shown in The Visionary series as it continues to promise to please as the story leaves you wanting more. Kristin’s characters invoke a desire of friendship and strength that shines through in this compelling series of survival.

Kristin also works as a legal assistant in a local law firm, has her own small company where she sells her handmade jewelry and clay figurines. In her spare time she cares for her pets, and enjoys her personal life to the fullest.

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