The Visionary – Taodore Bentley - Story Three- The Complexities Of A Pawn

The Visionary
616 Pages
ISBN 197950654X

Michael slips out of the window, falls to the ground, and begins to run away from Markum as Taodore turns to unlock the room door to face the facility and his fate. Remembering how the facility had manipulated him all of his life and knowing that they still had a desire to completely control him, he prepared himself to think fast and talk slow. He would face Victor, Dalton, Anita and the others knowing that there were only two ways out - fight to his freedom and be successful or die trying. Uncertain of his capabilities, Taodore opens the door with the mentality of showing his keepers how angry their pet had become and a desire to sense their fear of him.

Entering the room, closing the door behind him, knowing there was no going back Taodore faced his biggest challenge. Trying to cling to the belief in himself and subconsciously drowning in worry. Will he ever see or hear his friends again? Will his beast have the strength to get him free? Will Alexander be able to get Michael away? Will Weaver get to him in time? Or will the facility capture all of them? Clinging to his hope that their plan will work, that he would only have to hold off until they come for him. But what if they cannot?

How strong is Alexander Benson and is their devotion and sacrifices for each other strong enough? As Taodore struggles and reveals portions of his abilities, he senses that suddenly he is more important to the facility then he was lead to believe. Fearing the worst, never being allowed to leave, he fights with all he has to save his life while his best friend, Alexander Benson, sacrifices everything he knows and gives everything he has in order to get Taodore free.

K. Angello-Mayfield

About K. Angello-Mayfield (Syracuse, New York Author)

K. Angello-Mayfield

Kristin was born and raised in Syracuse, New York where she continues to reside. Her love of the seasons and the community has never caused her any desire to leave - this is where her creative heart lives. Although her series originally was released by AuthorHouse in 2009; recently Kristin was given the opportunity to move her series to Amazon and CreateSpace to allow her more freedom with her characters and story, moving forward with a Second Edition of the five (soon to be six) book series.

Having dabbled in writing since she was a child with her love for fantasy and science fiction, her series has shown her interest for humans with special abilities and powers. Kristin's interest in the idea of mutants or supernatural beings that can defend themselves by using their body’s capabilities sparks her drive and is shown in The Visionary series as it continues to promise to please as the story leaves you wanting more. Kristin’s characters invoke a desire of friendship and strength that shines through in this compelling series of survival.

Kristin also works as a legal assistant in a local law firm, has her own small company where she sells her handmade jewelry and clay figurines. In her spare time she cares for her pets, and enjoys her personal life to the fullest.

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