The Wendigo and the Werewolf

Harriet Cassidy discovered that monsters were real at the age of 14. When she burned them alive in her own home after they had killed her mother. Years later she uses the skills learned from her late father, a civil war veteran, to hunt down evil men and monsters in the old west. Years after her mother's horrific death her father meets his own demise. Blamed by her sister for his death, Harriet finds herself wandering the trail alone. No destination and no purpose in mind. Searching for shelter to get out of winter’s grasp, she stumbles upon the remains of a family that have been eaten and skinned alive. After observing the grisly scene, she knows no human could have done this and searches out the nearest town looking for answers and to get the family a proper burial. She finds the town of Stillwater. A mining town whose people live in fear of a reclusive mine owner and their only protection is an old Indian fighter for a sheriff who has a green horn for a deputy. On arrival Harriet is stripped of her weapons and confronted by the mine’s hired muscle, for defending a young girls innocence. This is when those years of scraping with warlocks and demons comes in handy, and she makes short work of them with the help of Jack, a rugged woodsman who turns into a wolf on nights of the full moon. Not a whole day passes before more people turn up dead. With Harriets curiosity peaked she goes on the hunt for this unknown killer. She recruits Jack, and together they seek a mysterious Indian tribe unsoiled by Europeans, to find their answers. They find though that those answers may come at a cost, and what Harriet does find out may mean more to her than she ever would have imagined. The Wendigo and the Werewolf is a supernatural western and the first of a series. It contains elements of horror, fantasy, action, and a smidgen of romance.

Jonathan Davis

About Jonathan Davis (Albuquerque, New Mexico Author)

Jonathan Davis

Jonathan lives in the wilds of New Mexico (Yes it's a state). Is a fan of all literature and lives with his beautiful wife, eight animals, and daughter.

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