The Wish – Cloverleaf Chronicles

The Wish
232 Pages
ISBN 9781938208270

Fifteen years ago, Jack’s father, Tom, narrowly escaped O’Dorchaie’s hunt for his soul, which houses the final gift of knowledge he acquired from the magic salmon. In order to protect Tom, a magical warrior granted him a single wish, which allowed Tom’s body to remain very much alive on earth while his soul was brought to a mythical land known as Tir Na No’g.

Fifteen years later, O’Dorchaie has hatched a new plan in his search for Tom’s soul, and has turned his sights to Jack. Fleeing for his life, fifteen year old Jack enters a magical world in search of protection at a sanctuary with a powerful, ancient group of wizards.

Prophesied as the Son of the Gift Keeper, Jack is named as the rightful bearer to deliver the sacred four-leaf clover to the wizards. Unbeknownst to Jack, he is to fulfill the quests of the sacred clover, carrying out the clovers acts of faith, hope, love and luck, ultimately defeating O’Dorchaie. The series is based on these four acts, with each book in the series focused on one of each act.

E.V. Jones

About E.V. Jones (Chicago, Illinois Author)

E.V. Jones

E.V. (Yvonne) Jones lives in Geneva, Illinois with her husband and 6 children. She was born and raised in Northlake, Illinois and is one of seven children. Her love for writing has followed her throughout her life as she started at a young age writing poems. Once she had children, her love for story telling went from making up bedtime stories when putting her kids to sleep at night, to inventing worlds and putting it on paper.

The writing of stories on paper though didn’t necessarily come with the intent of ever getting those stories published. They occurred due to her oldest son George, who was diagnosed with auditory processing disorder at age 7. Because this disorder most often will cause a delay in speech, it was her son’s teachers that suggested he write stories down and then practiced reading them out loud. Due to his delay in speech, writing stories and then telling them was a form of therapy. So, one to two nights a week, after putting her other children to bed, Yvonne would write stories with George. Sometimes they would make up stories together, but most times they would just sit and write their own stories. She has always been drawn to Ireland, its customs and stories. From this fascination came the makings of The Wish. It was a short story that ended up taking on a life of its own years later, when out of the blue, it resurfaced in her mind and she pulled it out of her files on her computer. Characters were born from people she knew, taking on many of the characteristics, sayings, and physical attributes from those in her life. After almost a year of writing her story, she sent out her queries with a few interests, but ultimately, no takers. Then on a cold February evening, an email popped up from the publisher she eventually signed on with, asking for the full manuscript. Yvonne sent it off and waited two months before getting a response. It came; a request for resubmission if it were professionally edited to their suggestions. Realizing it was a gamble worth taking, Yvonne invested in hiring a professional editor and worked on her story for ten long months with her editor. After resubmitting, approximately three months later, an email was sent from the Publisher with an offer to publish The Wish

Yvonne currently works as a Nursing Supervisor at a local hospital, in charge of both the clinical and Administrative duties on the off shifts. She received her Masters in Education from DePaul University in 2012, and soon realized that reading and writing go hand in hand. She came up with the notion, ‘what better way to get children to read more than to help them develop their writing?’ In hopes of opening up an avenue of creativity that is not usually offered in the schools, she voluntarily started a Young Authors Club at her children’s elementary school, otherwise known as Y.A.C. She also started Y.A.C. at Mooseheart Child City and School in 2014, working with the High School students in helping them develop their writing with the ultimate goal to become published authors. The Wish is the first of a four book series of The Cloverleaf Chronicles.